The Edge of Tomorrow starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt..

I just love it when the Lord shows me Himself or something of Himself in movies.  My husband and I enjoy this experience alot. Many saints I know (I call fellow-believers saints because that’s what they are, that’s what I am! By the grace of God) enjoy this too.  There’s sooooo many movies out there that give us a real picture of the Lord and His Bride and His Eternal Purpose (* a post for another time).

Anyhoo, in The Edge of Tomorrow, here’s just a few things that stood out to me that related to the individual believer in the body of Christ.  If you see more in the film than what I’ve written here, please feel free to ad it in a comment so we can all see more of Christ!

So here goes…………..

1. Tom Cruise when he realises the REAL enemy he is facing, asks “How do we overcome this evil?” “Die” says Emily Blunt’s character. “Die daily!”. So are we called to die daily, take up our cross daily and follow Christ, laying down our lives for one another, no longer us who live but Christ who lives in us, having been crucified with Christ.

2. The more practised at this ‘dying daily’ that Tom Cruise became, the more his discernment grew in knowing where the enemy was, and how to fight the enemy.  – The same applies to us, in that the more practised we are at dying daily, dying to self and bearing the cross, the closer we will walk with the Lord and therefore grow in discernment, more able to discern between what is soul, flesh, the world, and what is Spirit!

3. Tom Cruise’s character had a hidden life that no-one else of the world knew about, although there was something about him that they believed in.  The only others who shared this hidden life with him, were those who also lived a hidden life, as those who had received true revelation.  So it is with us, we who have been given the revelation of Jesus Christ, are hidden in Him, (“For you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God -Colossians 3:3).

4. We may start off alone in our christian walk, as Tom Cruise did, being a bit of a lone ranger at times but ultimately the Lord will lead us to function as part of a body – as Tom Cruise had to call on the help of the whole team to finally defeat the enemy, so we are part of an army, part of a body, part of One New Man, corporate!

I may ad more to this in the future, please feel free to ad any more in ‘comments’. 🙂


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