Jesus Revealed in a Bread & Butter Plate!


Sesame Street plate

“Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it” (Mark 10:15).

Even though I’m 47 years of age, I love this plate and I use it almost daily. I bought it myself a while back because being plastic, it doesn’t let my toast go cold! I bought it from the children’s products in the supermarket aisle……… yes, there is definitely a child in me who is alive and well!  🙂

This morning however, as I looked at it, I could hardly believe my eyes! This is what I saw in a children’s plastic Sesame Street bread and butter plate;

Around the edge of the plate is the great cloud of witnesses (the saints who have gone before us) rejoicing in the freedom of Christ that is theirs and rejoicing over us who have not yet gone to sleep but are also in Christ.  They, like us, are all wearing their helmet of Salvation which is Christ who has given them access to the glory of God which is seen in Jesus Christ as represented by the suns in the picture.

This great cloud of witnesses are lifted above and outside of time, this planet Earth, the Kosmos or world system which is represented by the ‘jungle’ in the centre of the plate. The world is currently a jungle fraught with dangers and deception as under the prince of this world, Satan. Yet those who are in Christ are not part of this world.

The whole body of Christ, those gone before and those of us who are still alive, even though in this world that is a jungle indeed, experience the joy of knowing the Lord, as represented by the word ‘fun’.  Even though we may be in the middle of dark times and earthly circumstances, we as believers unto Christ can have fun! The joy of the Lord is our strength! What is the joy of the Lord? Jesus! Jesus is the joy of the Father and Jesus is our strength! And He came to give us life abundant and that abundant life is Christ Himself!!

Just like the Sesame Street puppets, we all have one Master, we are each created and of one Creator. We are all so different from one another, some are grouchy, some eat too much (I fit into too many of these descriptions!), some are young, some old, some simple, some complicated. Yet we are all accepted in the Beloved. And Sesame Street is for children! We are the children of God! We are heirs of the Father with Jesus Christ His begotten Son!

Finally, the bread and butter plate is a perfect fit for this analogy as Jesus is real food and real drink. He now lives through us and feeds the world through His body.  We ‘serve’ the Lord Jesus as He served the Father and through us His body, the Lord Jesus continues to present Himself to the world today.

Thank You Jesus!!!




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