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A few months back, a movie came out in the cinemas called ‘Into The Storm’, written by John Swetnam, and starring Richard Armitage.  I couldn’t wait to see it on the big screen rather than on the television set at home. I didn’t expect it to be a Hollywood Blockbuster but I was really hoping the special effects would blow me away (no pun intended folks!).  And I wasn’t disappointed!! For me, it was on par with ‘Twister’ that came out in the 90’s starring Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton.  In fact it was the film ‘Twister’ that got me all gaga about storms, great howling winds and rolling thunderous skies.

Wikepedia on Google Images

Wikepedia on Google Images

These two movies have delivered such hope and comfort to me – of-course it is the spiritual reality that Jesus is in the eye of the storm, that I’m talking about.  Yes, all the sayings about being in the eye of the storm might now have become a clichè but to use another one, clichè’s become clichè’s because they’re true!

Have you taken a look on youtube at someone flying a plane into the eye of a storm? (Click on the link at the end of this post to watch one). I’ve only ever imagined how it would sound and look but to watch some clips gives a little glimpse into the awe of the quietness that is in there.

Since seeing “Into the Storm” I have experienced a growing sense of comfort that Jesus as the Prince of Peace is in the eye of the storm and because we are in Christ, we are in His peace in the eye of the storm.  It’s kind of like being asleep in the bottom of the boat when all the storms are raging and waves are crashing all over the deck and all the other passengers are fearing for their lives (Matthew 8:24)  –  there was our Jesus……asleep. His peace, confidence and calm speaks volumes to me and makes Him even more of a hero in my eyes.

What I’ve come to see is that so much of what I, the world and the devil, try to turn my attention to, is actually simply the debris of the tornado. Thoughts, feelings, anxieties, pestering issues and earthly matters, cares and woes – these are all just debris! But I’m in the eye of the storm! Because I’m in Christ! And He is The Prince of Peace! He is ALWAYS in the eye of the storm. He is unperturbed and so I can be unperturbed too.

So now when things are spinning around in my head (the battleground), sooner or later I am coming to discern that these things are simply the debris. If I see myself as on the outside of the hurricane wall I might feel overwhelmed but I am on the other side of the wall.  I don’t need to give these things my attention because I’m safe and sound in the quiet, serene and cosy eye of the storm, in my Jesus. And if you are a brother or sister in Christ, that’s where you are too!

Isn’t this gospel, this incredible Christ, just crazy awesome?! 🙂

Click on the link and enjoy being in the eye of the storm!

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