God’s Eternal Purpose Revealed in Jesus’ First Miracle

ancient vessels from google images

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John 2:1-10 

Like the perfect introduction to an essay, like a master magician’s act on stage, Jesus’ first miracle is a myriad of hidden shadows and types that reveal Himself to the Jews as the New Covenant. In His first miracle, Jesus is in effect saying “Ta Da!! The New Covenant is here! Here I am! I have arrived! It’s Me!” In His very first miracle Jesus kicks off the New Testament revealing His whole Eternal story in one glorious moment.

How perfectly appropriate that His introduction into ministry takes place at a wedding banquet – the bible begins with the picture of Jesus and His Bride (the Church) seen in Adam and Eve and the bible ends at the final Wedding Banquet of the Lamb.

Jesus’ first miracle is a gift of-course. A free gift of love and joy, not earned, not deserved but just given without cost or prejudice, at a wonderfully bright, joyous celebration – just like the free gift of Christ to the world, the free gift of Salvation.

When all the wine has run out, Jesus instructs the servants (perhaps a reference to the role of the Holy Spirit) to pour water into six stone water pots that were empty. How interesting that many sources teach that the number ‘6’ is thought to represent ‘man’. Just like these empty clay pots, so were we! Mankind was made from the earth and without life until God our Creator breathed His life into us, just like these empty clay pots being filled with water. (See this post on water from a sister blogger, Joelle, on her site ‘therockswillcryout.org‘).

Miraculously, the water was turned into wine.This wine which represents Christ, was un-created wine, it was not forged out in the kitchen by man’s hands or by feet crushing grapes in a barrel, there was no picking, plucking, or fermenting process. This wine was un-created, revealing the un-created life of Jesus!

The miraculous act of salvation takes place inside of us, in a hidden place, just like this miracle of water turning into wine inside these clay vessels. It was a hidden miracle – not visible to the human eye. As believers into Christ we are now filled with this un-created divine life of Christ. We ourselves are not divine but we are vessels carrying this New Wine to be partaken of. We are called to be vessels for the Lord’s life – we are referred to as jars of clay. We are a temple of the Holy Spirit. The Lord indwells us and lives out of us. It’s no longer us who live but Christ who lives in us. We are transformed by His life in us – as water into wine! His life is shared with others, through the vessels, you and me.

When we believed into Christ Jesus, we were born again, (by water and Spirit) and He and His Father came and made their home in us – just like the clay pots being filled with water that was then turned into wine (spirit)! – Transformation took place inside these jars and the Priesthood of all believers was revealed! This is the New Covenant- Christ indwelling man! Christ and His Body as One New Man!

And this New Covenant, the Lord Jesus was showing, is better than the first. The best wine was brought out at this wedding feast after all the other wine was drunk and there was nothing left. Jesus was saying “I am the New Covenant, I am the fulfillment of the Law, I am better than the first – I am the Way, the Life, the Truth”.

Lord You are truly amazing and Your Word is amazing – when You said that “all scripture speaks of Me” You really meant “All scripture” and that even included the New Testament which hadn’t even been written yet!

*** If you have seen more of Christ in this first miracle that what I’ve written here, please share your insights in comments! – would love to see more ! ***

6 thoughts on “God’s Eternal Purpose Revealed in Jesus’ First Miracle

  1. Donna, I love this! To add to what you said…Christ as the wine fills us with His joy and gladness. There is no law, no shame or guilt or condemnation. We are filled with His BEST wine, and this uncreated Life, this is the “Life to the full” that He spoke of. What a beautiful picture! Lord Jesus, there is no other joy but You! You’re the best vintage by far! 😉


  2. Wow,…I am blown away by this! The Lords first miracle revealing the eternal intentions and purpose of God’s own heart!! It just so makes sense that He is reminding us of what was originally intended in the very first thing He does…not only revealing His first intent but in doing so revealing Himself as the source and supply of this very Life that filled the stone jars.


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