What You’ve Got To Know About The Christian Life – An Interview By Rocky – Part 1

IMG_1118Welcome to Drawing From The Well’s first ever Guest Blog post!

Yup, I’m a dog. My name is Rocky and Donna, the author of this blog, is my mother.

The way I came to be a guest blogger is, I noticed she’s become very busy lately, in her office. So I trotted on in there one day and asked just what she was up to. Well, I was so intrigued that we decided it might be fun for me to interview her! (tail wagging). We had such a ball (ball?? did somebody say ball??) and there was so much ground to cover, we thought it would be better still, to turn the interview into a little series of posts. So -here is our very first interview together with me as ‘interviewer extraordinaire’ as well as guest blogger!

Rocky: Hey mum, why are you on your laptop so much more these days?

Donna: Well Rocky, I’m working on my blog ‘drawing from the well’.

Rocky: You’ve been writing on there since November 2014, but you seem busier than usual, what’s changed?

Donna: Well, while I’m not working, it seems like every day is an opportunity to see more of Jesus & I feel like the Lord is really encouraging me to share my journey with others who are interested. This is a great way of doing it. What’s changed of late is that my hunger to connect with other believers who want to share a deeper revelation of Jesus Christ has deepened.

Rocky: I see…..but how is blogging helping with that hunger? (hmmm, I’m getting hungry now…when’s dinner by the way?)

Donna: (Dinner’s hour’s away Rocky, you know that). Well, I’ve discovered through blogging that there are many other believers out there who have so much of Christ to share and who are equally hungry and desperate even, to connect with the wider body of Christ. I find that by connecting with these brothers and sisters and reading their blogs, I am seeing more of Christ and I hope that’s what happens for them when they read what I write too.

Rocky: Ok, great. Is that the only reason you’re blogging and can I have a biscuit?

Donna: Good question Rocky and no you can’t. No, also there are so many believers who are ‘lost’ out there, having left church life as they’ve known it and are disillusioned, confused and lonely, many who have never had a revelation of Jesus Christ Himself! Just like I didn’t have a revelation of Jesus until 4 years ago when I’d already been a Christian for 38 years!

Rocky: Wow, that seems crazy! It’s a bit sad there are others like that.

Donna: Yes it is sad but Jesus is always found when we truly seek Him, that’s one of the things that makes Him so cool.:-)

Rocky: I don’t really understand. How can someone be a christian for so many years and not have a revelation of Jesus Himself? Don’t people become christians in the first place because they’ve had a revelation of Jesus?

Donna: Well, you’re right Rocky. People become christians firstly because the Holy Spirit has drawn them to Him, so even this is by God’s sovereignty. And people become christians by believing in and accepting Jesus as the Son of God and their Saviour, and the One who forgives sins. Jesus said : No-one comes to the Father but by Me: So there has to be some level of insight into Jesus to do that, you’re definitely right there Rocky.  But ‘becoming’ a christian, is only the first step. That’s our initial salvation and it’s just like opening the door to a house, stepping inside and standing in the entry. 

Rocky: What do you mean? Do you mean there’s more to being a christian than salvation?

Donna: You’re a very clever boy! (Rocky wags tail) Salvation is that initial transportation from darkness into Light, from death to Life, from the kingdom of this world into the Kingdom of Heaven. Sticking with the analogy of entering a big house, the entry is just inside the front door and there’s so much more to a house than just the entry! So salvation is like moving from outside the house, to inside the house and the house is Jesus Himself!

Rocky: I think I get it, but you better explain more (while I finish off this shmacko treat I just found buried under my blanky…mmmm)

Donna: Righto, the thing is Rocky, this Jesus is sooooo big! He is enormous! The bible says He fills the universe and His kingdom has no end! How big is that?

Rocky: Wow! That’s huge! (crunch crunch) So I guess you’re saying that there’s heaps more to a house than just the entry, there’s heaps more to explore of Jesus beyond the point of salvation? Especially if He fills the universe!

Donna: You bet there is! Heaps of christians set up camp in the entry, just inside the front door and don’t even know they’re in this incredibly enormous extravagant house that is just waiting to be discovered! They think that’s all there is.

Rocky: Wow, it sounds really exciting to know Jesus like that. So why do people stay in the entry of their salvation and not go looking around to discover more of Jesus? Is that what you did for all those years? And what’s this got to do with that word ‘revelation’ you used?

Donna: One question at a time little fella. Let’s see…..people stay at the entry point of their salvation for lots of reasons, and yes it’s just like how I was for all those years Rocky. Sometimes we stay there because other believers who show us in, have stayed there and they don’t even realise there’s more. Sometimes we stay there because we’re comfortable there and believe there might be too much risk if we step further in and look for more. Sometimes even though other believers have gone on ahead of us and are calling to us from other rooms, per say, we’re just a bit blind or deaf, possibly even prideful or simply immature. I was one of those!

Rocky: So how did it change for you then?

Donna: That takes us back to your previous question, “what’s this got to do with the word revelation?” A huge part of the Christian life is all about revelation. Revelation means to have something that was not made known to us, revealed to us. Like you said before, we first come to Jesus by revelation by the Holy Spirit, that God even exists. Imagine that house again.  So the house is Jesus. The front door that you enter through is called ‘revelation’ into Christ. And then every door after that is another revelation further into Christ. So Jesus Christ is the house and the doors and every room.

Rocky: Oh I get it now. So….(tail beginning to wag)… if I think of it in ‘dog’ terms, it’s like when you first rescued me. That was my salvation. I’d gone from being lost to being found. But years on, I roam all around the house we live in, wherever I want and whenever I want, you take me out in your car, we go for walks together, you give me food and drink, you massage me, play with me, look after me when I’m sick, give me lots of cuddles & treats and call me your baby boy! Oh wow mum! My life is so much more than just being rescued! I’m blown away by how awesome it is!

Donna: Oh Rocky!!! Sounds like you just received a revelation!! You and I both! See how you now understand something wonderful about this life you have that you didn’t realise a moment ago? Now you have a greater insight into just what your being rescued really meant for you. That’s exactly how it is with Jesus! This christian life is a house of many doors, that by revelation, lead us into a deeper and richer knowledge of Jesus and we begin to see more and more just how increasingly glorious and wonderful He is!

Rocky: Wow, this is very exciting! I’m thirsty for more! But we’ll have to leave it there for now folks, so be sure to tune in again for our next post in a few weeks time and hear all about exploring this great big Jesus! (that’s Jesus, not ‘cheeses’…mmmm, I looove cheese)



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9 thoughts on “What You’ve Got To Know About The Christian Life – An Interview By Rocky – Part 1

  1. Greetings Donna and Rocky,

    Great interview! Awesome post! I really like where your guys are going with this. And am looking forward to the next installment.

    I thank and praise God for you, Sis; and for all that you do for Christ and His body. And for you, Rocky (Remember. The Lord is your German Shepherd (; )


    • Well dear J, unfortunately Donna is away from her computer at the moment, and I just happened to be here playing solitaire, so I was really excited to get your comment! I will pass it on to Donna for sure, she will be very encouraged 🙂 I loooove that the Lord is my German Shepherd! Through the good times and the ruff! Many tail wags sent your way J!


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  3. This is so good Donna, I smiled all the way reading – I like your way with words and how Rocky blends in. I am not a particular fun of dogs (even though my boys have one called Snowy), but this may just cause me to be a little more attentive to her.
    Thank you for the very edifying message – there’s indeed so much richness in Christ calling for our exploration and experience.

    Together in Him,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Patrick, thanks so much. Rocky and I had a lot of fun doing this! We do hope Snowy benefits from Rocky’s input (he he). Thank you for your encouragement and taking the time to comment, yes how big is this Christ of ours? No wonder we will need eternity to get to know Him!:-)


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