When We’re Down To The Wire

Hi All,

I’m just writing a short post to let you know that over the next couple of weeks I may not be able to post as often as I normally would, which is generally twice a week. In fact, I think I only posted once last week.

That’s because I’m packing house and waiting on internet searches, applications and phone calls to inspect houses for rent and hopefully move! We have 18 days left before our termination notice expires to leave this house, as the owner wants to use the house as a site office for the development of this property.

You can read my previous blog posts This Land Where I Live and Is God Preparing You To Move On to give some amazing insights in what the Lord has shown and taught me through this experience of living here whilst the property is being developed and we are needing to move out.

In the meantime, Derek, my mum, and Caitlin my step daughter and our 3 little dogs are walking by faith and trusting that our incredible God, through His amazing Son Jesus Christ, will see us moved into the house and area that is just right for His purpose.

Derek and I believe at this time it is very important for us to be closer to the rest of the saints we do church community life with so we can be in each other’s lives much more, that Christ can have more opportunity to be expressed amongst us all. And fortunately, that would also mean mum can live closer to my only sister (biological that is, as I have many sisters!).

So, as we count down these last days and continue to pray for the Lord’s guidance and provision, we are packing all the bits and pieces and tidying things up, while we co-labour with Him in the endeavour to find somewhere else to live.

This is an incredible opportunity for us in our faith, to not give into fear or feelings and to remain in rest, trusting our Lord to deliver right on time. Although there are anxious moments and thoughts knocking on the door of our minds for sure, we are comforted that we know the God of our salvation who is also our Jehovah Jireh, our Provider.

A dear brother lent me a book the other day and in it the author refers to 1 Samuel 14:1-15. This scripture is a wonderful account of the faith of Jonathan and his armour-bearer moving out against the enemy believing in advance that the Lord was going to give the Philistines into their hands. The author writes this line;

Their hearts must have been pounding as they sensed what God was about to do.

This one sentence really touched my heart. It’s the kind of faith I want to have in those ‘hairy’ moments in life.  When things are really on the edge, and my heart is assured of God’s deliverance in a situation though with my physical senses I cannot see how or when deliverance could come, I want my heart to pound with excitement and anticipation at what God is about to do!

This morning I was greatly encouraged singing to the tune of Walking In A Winter Wonderland, the following words put together by some saints in the US;

We go on, never tired

’cause we’re filled with His Fire

We face unafraid the plans that He’s made

Living in the Body of the Lord …..

I can’t wait to write that post that will tell y’all about how miraculously God has provided and glorified Himself and what we have learned in the process.

Catch you soon from a new location,

Donna 🙂

6 thoughts on “When We’re Down To The Wire

  1. Love these refreshing new lyrics tagged to a tune we all know… reminds me of days gone by, in Sacramento with my uncle Don and a healthy expression of the Local Church: New words to familiar tunes enabled us all to quickly join in the praise. 🙂


    • Here they are Rob, hope they bless you as they do me;

      Brothers sing, for He’s listening
      Share Him now, give expression
      A beautiful sight, we’re in Him tonight
      Living in the Body of the Lord

      Her name is Ecclesia
      She is made of each other
      He sings a love song, as we walk along
      Living in the Body of the Lord

      In the Body we all fit together
      Formed into the dwelling of the Lord
      He asks, “Are you married?” “Yes forever
      To You, our Lord, our Savior and our Light”

      We go on, never tired
      For we’re filled with His fire
      We face unafraid, the plans that He’s made
      Living in the Body of the Lord

      In the Body we are built together
      Formed into the dwelling of the Lord
      Knowing that we’re married to our Savior
      He’s taking us through realms unexplored

      We go on, never tired
      For we’re filled with His fire
      We face unafraid, the plans that He’s made


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