A Very Important Article by Jon Zens

My husband and I read this article by Jon Zens and agree with Milt that it is a very important message to the church. Please read.

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7 thoughts on “A Very Important Article by Jon Zens

  1. Hi,
    I noticed that you’d posted Jon’s article here from MIlt’s blog.

    I just wondered if you had read Jon’s article carefully from page 7 onward? Did you realize that he teaches that “perishing” in the Bible means to “cease to exist”? The first part of his article is an excellent refutation of universalism, but I could hardly believe my eyes when he gave half the battle back to them with his “ceasing to exist” doctrine. This is the hope of every atheist!

    I have emailed Jon personally appealing to him to reconsider and to change his teaching in this regard. I also noted that scripture provides six simple tests by which fables (false doctrines) can be identified. I’ve posted a warning on his blog along with those scriptural tests of fables, and to his credit, he has allowed those comments and reproofs to remain although to date, he has not changed his mind. I pray that he will.

    I just wanted to ask you to read Jon’s article again and to be careful about what you recommend. MOst Christian readers today are convinced very easily by what they read from men they trust, but few will actual;ly test what they read by the scriptures.
    I encourage you to be a Berean who consistently practices Acts 17:11.
    A brother in Christ,
    Bruce Woodford


    • Can I just add that there are many fine, evangelical, Bible-based scholars and Christian leaders of world stature who have had to re-think these things on THE BASIS OF SCRIPTURE rather than traditional evangelical teaching which is often more philosophic than biblical. From a brother in Christ who has the greatest respect for Jon Zens, Dr. John Stott (a giant among Christian teachers and preachers), etc, and who takes Acts 17:11 just as seriously as you do. In any case, more atheists will turn to Christ from a love motive than a fear motive.


    • Hi Bruce, thanks for your comments and for checking out my blog site. I felt I should approve your comment for the sake of transparency and after some waiting, felt I would reply. Yes I did read Jon’s entire article a couple of times before re-blogging it off Milt’s site and again before replying to you and I am happy to leave the blog post as it is.
      I feel that the point of Jon’s article is not on the issue that you’re drawing attention to, however. What I heard in Jon’s article was the Spirit’s call for the church to be aware of the false teachings creeping into the church that impact upon the very matter of one’s salvation and the gospel that we preach.
      To me, the issue of salvation and there being a judgement is an ‘essential’ matter which is why I re-blogged the article, and the issue of what the word ‘perish’ means is a ‘non-essential’ matter because it does not impact or prevent one’s salvation. What any one of us might believe concerning what the word ‘perish’ means or what the exact consequence of not being a believer is, doesn’t alter the fact that people need salvation – salvation is where it starts. But if we as the church are wishy washy about the matter of salvation and whether or not there is a final judgement (as is the false teaching creeping into the church that I heard Jon’s article warn us about) well that is a matter of eternal consequence for individuals and therefore incredibly dangerous in my opinion. However, the consequence itself is not the point. Let’s be honest, not one of us can say absolutely that we have the exact knowledge and understanding of these consequences.
      Since you’re writing about your concerns with his definition of the word perish, Jon says in his article “… it would seem that “cease to exist” is a better description…” – well, I don’t hear Jon adamantly stating that his definition is absolute. I hear a brother’s opinion on a non-essential issue and goodness knows, the church is full of opinions on non-essentials! I think we are called to give one another the grace to differ on the non-essentials. He may be right, you may be right, I don’t think it really matters. The point is there is a consequence but if we focus on what that is, we might just lose sight of Christ. You might disagree with my opinion that it is a non-essential issue, and that’s ok. But again, I don’t hear it being the focus of Jon’s article.
      Thankfully too, God is sovereign and awesomely huge enough to take care of the atheists who might feel validated by something Jon has written.
      I’ll leave all further comments now regarding this matter, to save us all as brothers and sisters from engaging in arguments and doctrinal differences that may only serve to divide Christ’s body. (Plus it’s the privilege of being the blog owner :-))
      Thanks Bruce. 

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  2. PS. The doctrine of the immortality of the soul is a Greek, pagan doctrine, which is not supported by Scripture taken as a whole. (And yes, I believe in the judgment seat of Christ, before whom the living and the dead will stand to give account)


  3. Hi Donna Lee, I must apologise if I jumped too hastily into the above debate, which is a complex one. Sometimes it’s better not to comment on a comment. Please feel absolutely free to delete my comments should you feel so led. I really don’t want to complicate the issue. No hurt feelings I promise! God richly bless and use you and your loved ones in the year that lies ahead!


    • Thank you Erroll, I hear your humility of heart brother and am happy to approve your comments for the sake of transparency. I have replied to the original comment and have decided to leave the matter there. God bless you and your family and I look forward to hearing more of the Lord’s life through your writings in the new year brother! Thank you for your well wishes in Christ!

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  4. ” “perishing” in the Bible means to “cease to exist”? The first part of his article is an excellent refutation of universalism”

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention we must not lose the truth of the eternal reality of everlasting punishment and hell. When we forsake this we are on the road to depart from being a witness to all men of the Good News.


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