Parables and Flies

So I’m sitting here in the office at home and although it’s a much cooler day, it’s still a bit muggy. So I opened the sliding window and left the timber venetian blinds only just open a little. As I sat there with the cooler breeze coming in I was able to sit in quietness and meditate on the Lord and bring my petitions before Him. Not long into this, came a buzz. Quite a loud buzz.

Outside the window comes a large fly fossicking around the screen trying to get in the window. He had the whole outside world to buzz but he came to my window that I only just opened, at the time that I had set aside to commune with the Lord. Typical isn’t it.

Jesus spoke in parables a lot, so people could understand. I suppose parables are like shadows and types, that speak of a reality. So in a way, this incident with the buzzing intrusive large fly, served as a parable or shadow/type of how the devil tries to penetrate our prayer life but simply can’t.

For instance;

There was a woman who locked herself away in a room to pray. As she prayed a fly came buzzing trying to get in the window. Noticing the loud buzzing sound and watching the fly, the woman decided not to fuss and bother with attempts to whoosh it away but decided to wait in quietness and keep her heart set on the Lord. After a few moments the fly flew away and didn’t return.

And so it is with God’s people, when setting aside time to commune with Him, that devil, that Beelzebub (it almost sounds like ‘buzz’ doesn’t it?), comes along to try and cut in, tarnish, disturb and corrupt the time with the Lord. Beelzebub seeks to penetrate the prayers of the saints with so many distractions.

Thoughts of others, self and other matters, crazy thoughts and seemingly reasonable thoughts, yet all are distractions designed to draw the saints away from communing in that sacred holy of holies with God.

Yet if the child of God will remain rested in Christ, unperturbed yet alert, the devil will eventually give up and go away.


4 thoughts on “Parables and Flies

  1. Thank you! I literally needed to read this right this very moment. Having some thoughts that are trying to overtake my time with the Lord, so i decided to check my email instead. And this is what He had waiting for me. Isn’t He so gentle and patient with us, and so willing to meet or need.

    Back to remaining rested in Christ, unperturbed yet alert!


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