What is God’s Standard?


After reading through the Old Testament from beginning to end, I was amazed at this God who cannot help but to love. He is love. Yet, it is because He is love, He has a standard which He cannot compromise and that standard is Himself. We see throughout the books of the Old Testament and especially the prophets, that God could not tolerate His people with whom He was in a marriage covenant, (the true marriage by which all others are only a shadow) turning to idolatry, the worship of false gods (infidelity). This was the one thing He could not tolerate and was the constant theme of the Israelite’s disobedience and God’s despair and anger towards them. Since God was His own standard by which He could love, it was only Himself that could satisfy Himself on our behalf.

As was the purpose of the law, we see by it our incapacity to keep it and that therefore we could not be reconciled to Him unless He covered us with Himself. Anything other than Himself will not do.  No blood sacrifice of bulls or rams and the like, no keeping of rules and traditions, no works and good intentions will do. So He sent Himself in His Son, since they are One, to atone for our sins. Christ therefore, was the PERFECT sacrifice and atonement. Christ was God’s standard and Christ the Lion of Judah has now become ours.

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