Why does God want to be worshipped?


Is God a man, that He is so self-absorbed that He demands to be worshipped just as the likes of Nero, portrayed in the old movies, demanding the adoration and worship from the people?

Does God seek flattery to puff Himself up with His own sense of self importance?

No, God wants to be worshipped not for flattery but because He desires to be known.

We worship God because we know Him. When we worship God with proclamations and declarations as in songs, psalms and scripture, we are stating who He is. When we cry out “All praise belongs to You God” it is because we see who He is and that in actual fact, all praise really does belong to Him! When we sing “How great Thou art” its because we have seen that He is so great! This is why true worship must be in  Spirit and in Truth.

He is not looking for people who can sing. He’s not looking for people who can write worship ‘songs’. He is looking for a people who know Him! This is the place that real worship songs are written from. And this is why we are told in Romans 12:1 that our TRUE act of worship is to offer our bodies as a living sacrifice – that is to give up our lives so that He lives through us instead, since we see that He is so beautiful and glorious. If we worship in Spirit and in Truth it is because we are responding to what we see and know of our Lord.

So next time you think about worship, the next time you join in with the saints in singing to and about our God, the next time you cry out proclamations of praise to God, the next time you tell Him how beautiful He is in your intimate time with Him, remember you speak these words from your heart to your God because you have seen that what you are speaking of Him is true.

God wants us to know Him. We worship Him because we know Him.

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