What is The Revelation of Jesus Christ?

By Watchman Née; (emphasis mine)

I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things for the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, the bright, the morning star. Revelation 22:16

The book of the Revelation is the unveiling , the apokalupsis, of Jesus Christ. It draws aside the curtain  to reveal Him. 

It’s object is not primarily to enlighten us regarding coming events – the antichrist, the supposed revival of the Roman empire, the rapture of the saints, the millennial kingdom or the final downfall of Satan. John’s remedy for our ills is not a matter of so many seals and trumpets and vials. It is not in fact designed to satisfy our intellectual curiosity at all BUT to meet our spiritual need by revealing Christ Jesus Himself in fullnessthat we may know Him. 

For Christ is the answer to all our questions. 

Get clear first about Him, and we shall know all we need to know about “things to come”.

He is the risen and victorious King of kings. All the events that follow, are the outcome of His being that.




3 thoughts on “What is The Revelation of Jesus Christ?

  1. Superb, Donnalee! Thanks. I think much of the fanciful stuff starts when believers don’t do their homework properly, e.g. context, the kind of writing (‘apocalyptic’ etc), knowledge of church history, careful exegesis (a knowledge of the original languages does help), above all studying a Bible book through Christo-centric lenses. Without these, it just becomes a minefield of subjective opinions and speculations sowing total confusion. Revelation is supremely about Christ and his victory!

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    • Studying a bible book through Christ-centric lenses….yes indeed! What a difference that makes, and asking the Holy Spirit to reveal The Son in the scriptures and then what a treasure chest we find awaiting us, hey. Thanks Erroll.

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