When Jesus Speaks Through Little Children


Today I was sitting in a waiting room and out from the doctor’s surgery came a young dad and his little girl who must have only been about 3 years old. She was wearing fairy wings. She looked very similar to the little girl in this picture from Pixabay so I was thrilled when I found this photo to compliment this post. Just look into those eyes!

Being a girl myself, though much older than 3,  I could relate to how special she would have been feeling as she walked around this mundane machine of human society, full of serious, busy and pan-faced adults, adorned with her beautiful fairy wings.

It seemed to me that in her little mind, she was a fairy and she was ever so attuned to her ‘specialness’ as she walked about unashamedly displaying her wings. There was no arrogance or pride about her having wings but rather an air of simplicity, grace and beauty, with a quiet confidence in who she really was, unperturbed, untouched or drawn into the earthly world of human adults she walked among. She knew that she was in this beige and grey world but that she did not belong to it. She carried her tiny self as though she knew that she was a different life-form to the rest of us.

As she walked past, she locked eyes with me and gave me the most beautiful smile. Her big deep beautiful brown eyes were very much like those of the little girl in this photo. Suddenly, it was as though she and I were the only two in the room, as though time stood still for a moment as we gazed into each other’s soul and ‘saw’ each other.

Capturing the quiet childlike confidence that she held in her ‘true identity’ as a fairy, set off a little spark of fire-works in my heart. It was as though in that moment as our eyes locked, she was reminding me that I too, was in this world but not part of it. I don’t belong here either. Of-course it was the Spirit of God whispering to me and then I became attuned to my ‘specialness’. No, I’m not a fairy, I don’t have wings, but I can soar as high as the eagles, in Christ as I am already seated in heavenly places.

And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus, …(Ephesians 2:6).




4 thoughts on “When Jesus Speaks Through Little Children

  1. Yes! We are a new creation in Christ. Filled with Light, Color, Joy, Peace, Adventure, Rest, Beauty, etc. As I have seen how unbelievably special He is in us more and more, I’ve often felt like this little girl. Love it!

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