When The Artist Is Omnipresent

Please view this 3.25 minute clip before reading on.

The other weekend at our gathering of saints, we were sharing about God’s unlimited creativity and reflecting on how Christ is God’s unlimited expression.  As we were all sharing aspects of the Lord, which was such a beautiful experience, the Spirit reminded me of the above clip that I saw a few years back, which I hadn’t thought of since.

When God reminded me of this I was moved to tears at what I was ‘seeing’ for the first time, in the Spirit.  Hopefully you have just watched this clip and now I can share with you what I saw of the Lord.

Oh Lord, how beautifully You have revealed Yourself in this picture. You, as the True Artist, who came and dwelt among us here on earth, as the visible image of the invisible God. How we long to sit with You and gaze into Your glorious face. You are far more glorious to us than anything You have created. We seek You, the Artist, the Creator, far over and above what You have created.  In seeing You, we see who we really are too- we receive Your life exchanged for ours and we are moved to the depths of our very soul. You transform us by Your gaze Lord. Your eyes are pools of endless depth and life. In them we are exposed and made vulnerable. You see all that we are and we are broken before You. Our masks are removed as You touch us. We receive Your love Lord. The life flow of the Life you have with our Heavenly Father by Your Holy Spirit, has been extended to us. We join with You in Your eternal dance of love, as You each give and receive love one from and to the other.

We are seated and rest with You as we behold You. All time stands still. All external spiritual pressures and worldly concerns become a mere mumble in the background. We are one just as You and Your Father are One. We are one in Your Spirit.  Thank You that we do not have to line up for our turn to sit with You but You are omnipresent, You have never and will never leave us. We have free access to You at all times by Your Spirit who indwells us. We find You most fascinating and captivating. You are our very breath, our life.  You exceed everything You have created in heaven and on earth.

Jesus Lord, I’m captured by Your beauty

All my heart to Thee I open wide

Now set free from all religious duty

Only let me in Thyself abide

As I’m gazing here upon Thy glory

Fill my heart with radiance Divine

Saturate me Lord, I now implore Thee

Mingle now Thy Spirit, Lord with mine.  (Ekklesiasongbook.com)


4 thoughts on “When The Artist Is Omnipresent

  1. Beautiful dear Sister. His gaze is sooooo transforming and life giving. May we gaze and gaze upon such Majesty as we meet and partake of this dance with our wonderful God.


  2. Amen sister!!! He transforms us with His gaze…. Love that the Lord reminded you of this video and that you have shared it. Love your heart for Jesus sister!


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