Bread and Wine: A New Ebook

Hi all – this is a message right on target with my heart and as Fresh Living Water for those seeking to draw from God’s well of Living Water – His Son Jesus Christ. The free ebook recommendation of Bread & Wine is the means by which to draw from that well.

I pray that all those who are weary, tired, thirsting and hungering for more of Christ, to know Him more in the freedom that He came to bring, will read this and embrace the free Food and Drink of Christ.

Jesus says in the book of John that He Himself, as God’s Son, is Real food and Real drink. He told the Samaritan woman at the well that anyone who drinks of His Living Water would never thirst again. ……

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Bread and wine

Eating and Drinking Christ

This, unfortunately, is a very strange sounding phrase for most Christians today.

The reason for this is that the idea of knowing and consuming a Christ who lives deep inside of you (in your spirit) is not something we normally hear much about.

After watching a few hours of Christian television recently (which I hardly ever do!) I have concluded that most teaching comes under the category of “Christian Living”; in other words – how to live the Christian life.  We are told that it’s very important to live the Christian life now that you are one.  But the problem is that most bible teachers tell you that the “Christian Life” is something you do by: reading the bible, praying, going to church, paying your tithes, witnessing, doing some kind of christian work (usually by volunteering at the church), and so on.  This…

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