Why Did Jesus Die At Age 33?


This is a question I’ve pondered many times in my life.  As I’m getting to know the Lord, I’m coming to understand that there is a reason behind every aspect of Him even if I don’t know what it is yet.  Every part of Jesus’ life on earth and every part of everything that God does, points us back to Himself in some way.  So ever so briefly this morning, I pondered again, why did Jesus die at age 33?

So first up, I’m going to talk a bit about maths. Now I’m not a mathematician ok? Definitely not! In fact, in high school I scored 23% for maths in my HSC! Epic fail! But I do know the basics thank goodness. Like 1 +1 =2 and that the complete whole = 100%. I’m also aware that numbers are significant in God’s economy as we find in scripture that they are not randomly chosen.  

For example, we see the correlation between the 40 days of rain in Noah’s ark and the 40 years in the wilderness for the Israelites and the 40 days in the desert for the temptation of Jesus (who didn’t give in by the way πŸ™‚ ). And of-course there are too many other examples for this post and that’s not my point anyway. The thing is that numbers are used throughout scripture with significant meaning far beyond my learning .

God has created in mathematical equations, one universal measure or language for understanding,  for every tribe, language and tongue throughout all generations. In other words, in Japan the whole still equals 100% as it does in a little known tribe in the Amazon.  In Roman times 1 + 1 still equalled 2.  For brainiac scientists studying the blackhole theory of space, they draw on the same mathematical science used by Albert Einstein and that the ancient Egyptians used for building their pyramids. Maths is maths. Mathematics is universal and never, ever, ever changes – in fact, it cannot change. It is a ‘law’ of physics just like gravity.

Don’t you think that’s fascinating? With all the nations and languages and differences of culture we all have this one universal measure that we can all communicate in that never changes? Mathematics supercedes any differences or hierarchy of intelligence. 

In other words, mathematics exists for me even though I’m not aware of it or can grasp it, in the exact same way it exists for Stephen Hawking, though he is able to grasp it so much more.  Heck, even if there were aliens, mathematics would still be the same for them! If they had 1 + 1 spaceships, that means they would still have 2 spaceships! It’s just the same, no matter who or where we are.

This to me, is a shadow and type of how despite, age, era in history, race, language, nation or level of intelligence, God has given all of humanity in all of creation, the very same exact capacity of knowing God through Jesus Christ. 

Now, hold on to your hat or your seat folks, because this is blowing me away right off my keyboard as I write! It’s like ‘mathematics’ is a shadow and type of Jesus Christ Himself! Jesus is our universal language  – whether we comprehend that fact yet or not – He IS! Just as everything is held together in a mathematical equation, the scripture tells us that all things are held together in Christ! Woah!!!

He is before all things and in Him all things hold together. Colossians 1:17

So, if you’re back on your seat, I’ve got to come back to my original thought.  If numbers are so significant to God and are never randomly used in scripture, and if we see that mathematics is the universal measure that is in fact a shadow and type that points us to Christ as being our universal connection, language, explanation and equation throughout all of human history and existence – (take a breath) what’s the significance in Jesus dying at age 33?

Think about it – its an odd number. So, 100% equals the whole, right? So we can say that the mathematical equation of 100% equalling the whole is representative of the Godhead, right? God being three -in-one – the whole. The fullness of the Godhead.  Okay, stay with me…..so there’s three members of the Godhead right? So 100% divided by three equals….33.3% recurring……!The eternal number of 33.3!  Each member of the Godhead is eternal! Without end!

Jesus dying at age 33 is representative of the eternal nature of God. Wow……

And I love that the 100 percent divided by the three isn’t just 33 as the age that Jesus died in His earthly body, but that it is thirty three POINT three recurring. So we see that always there are three! There are three digits even in the third of the whole.  And whilst Jesus died at age 33, He rose on the third day! – that’s like the ‘point’ three recurring – resurrection life that is eternal! 

Maybe all of the above is something you already knew but this just came to me this morning and I needed to capture it as soon as possible.  It is simply amazing to me, one who is naturally appalling at mathematics, that God’s Eternal Nature is revealed in mathematics in such simple terms as the 33.3% to display Himself, the three eternal recurring members of the Godhead, and that Jesus dying at age 33 speaks of God’s Eternal Nature and Oneness with Himself as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Just quickly before I go, I messaged this insight to the saints here this morning through my phone, and one of the sisters responded with “It’s the recurring theme! He is the Gift that keeps on giving! New every morning, always fresh!”.





17 thoughts on “Why Did Jesus Die At Age 33?

  1. Woah Woah Woah! !!!! What an awesome revelation!!!! Maybe I should try for child no 3 to have that constant reminder! Ha ha!!!!!!! So many revelations there. My favourite is Christmas is the whole 100% of everything. Such a great shadow! ! Love you sister. Xxx

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  2. Yo right sister, there is so much hidden massages of Christ hidden in those numbers. Its also true that whatever was done by him on earth had a significant, has a meaning behind it.God bless u.
    Do you know that ,he is said to have died at around 3pm?–recurring like you said.

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