Don’t Pray for the Lost to be Saved – its not scriptural! (part 2: Jesus)

This blog post may be very confronting and challenging to the mainstream ways of the mainstream church but I believe wholeheartedly in it’s truth. Thankyou to this brother, Thomas, for your courage and devotion to God’s eternal purpose – Christ expressed freely through His body, the church!

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This is the second in a two part series. If you haven’t read the first half, please do so now.

There are two spiritual truths that are the foundation of why there is little emphasis in the New Testament on praying for the lost to be saved.

Jesus didn’t pray that people would respond because he knew that people were desperate for Him even if they didn’t realize it. In Matthew 9: 37-38, Jesus commanded his disciples to pray for not for salvation for the lost, but rather for more workers in the fields: “the fields are white, pray that The Lord would send more workers into the fields.”

Lets consider Jesus’s “evangelistic mission” when he sent out the 72 in Luke 10 and the 12 disciples in Matt 10. When he instructed the 72 and the 12, did he give them extremely specific instructions? Yes. Did those instructions…

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A Poem of Thanksgiving

For those in Christ Jesus who may be taking up the American tradition of ‘Thanksgiving’ get-together this weekend. Here is a most glorious vision in poetry to Jesus, of thanksgiving by a dear sister in The Lord. I pray it captures the hearts of all who read it and perhaps you will share it at any gatherings with the saints this weekend ……..enjoy the spectacle that is Christ and His Bride!

Feasting on the Tree of Life

Wow – this is so beautifully written – a revelation the Lord has and continues to give to His people. I’m re-blogging it because I couldn’t have put it better. I pray that all who read it, receive the Lord’s Life from it. Thank you Cheryl, dear sister 🙂

Bread for the Bride

Bread for the Bride will be inactive for a couple of weeks while I take a short break away from home, but here is one from the archives I hope will bless you in the meantime!

alberoLike an apple tree among the trees of the woods, so is my beloved among the sons. I sat down in his shade with great delight, and his fruit was sweet to my taste.

(Song of Songs 2:3)

Come with me to a garden, a magnificent garden where it seems every plant, tree and creature radiates intense life.  In the middle of this vast garden a woman leans to pluck the fruit of a splendid looking tree that towers over all the other plants. Tentatively, she tastes the fruit, and seeing her obvious delight the man with her also tastes.  Their enchantment with the tree is short lived, however.  Soon the woman discovers she has been deceived and the…

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