Are You Hungry and Desperate for More of Christ?

“TO THE SAINTS” Conference 2017! If you have a real hunger and desire for a more biblical and life-giving expression of the church of Jesus Christ then this event is for you!

“TO THE SAINTS” Conference’ focus is spiritual depth, the centrality and supremacy of Jesus Christ, the ministry of LIFE rather than information, an emphasis on knowing Christ practically and expressing Him with others in close-knit community, connecting with others of like mind and vision, and equipping God’s people to fulfill His grand mission and eternal purpose in the earth.

Click on the link below which will lead you to the event website!

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How You Have Changed My Life Through The World Of Blogging

Before I stopped dying my hair!

Sending a BIG HUG to all my blogger friends and blog followers! I cannot describe how you encourage me.

Not that long ago, blogging was an unknown medium to me. It is a world that has slowly opened up to me as a result of being introduced to well-known blogger Frank Viola on by my husband. It’s a long story short, but very basically, through reading Frank’s books, my husband and I found ourselves in touch with one of Frank’s colleagues, Milt Rodriguez who also has a blog called (There you will find any number of life giving podcasts on the Lord and His Eternal Purpose).

Subsequently, after two years of knowing Milt and his wife Mary personally, and of following Frank’s blog, about a year ago another bunch of bloggers appeared on my radar, These brothers and sisters are workers being trained by Milt & Mary, in the planting of churches that are organic expressions of Christ, with no other foundation than Christ Jesus. I started following their blog and found my heart indescribably strengthened and filled with joy in knowing this incredible Jesus of ours. Even today, when I get an alert of a new post I get so excited! “Yay – it’s more of Jesus!” I say.

One day, I noticed another blogger who was following their blog, her name is Amanda of All and in All.  I started to read Amanda’s blog and there I found another sister with a similar hunger and pursuit of the Lord.  She has a rich insight into Christ that I could drink from and find my heart encouraged and lifted up to the Lord again and again. We ended up getting in touch by email and even Skype and now we are in regular contact. What a precious sister she is, talking with her is like talking with Jesus Himself. Then I found others.

I was beginning to see there is a whole bunch of brothers and sisters out there in cyberspace who are voices crying out in the wilderness. I was inspired and felt led by the Lord and encouraged by other significant folk in my life, to also start blogging. This has changed my life.

How has blogging changed my life?

As I meditate on the Lord and abide in Him daily (and have an amazing series on abiding in Christ through Andrew Murray’s book of the same title), I need an outlet.  Although I am part of a small ekklesia where I live and where we experience beautiful expressions of the Lord together, we are often kept apart by distance. So being able to ‘share’ Christ in this way has been an incredible experience!

Not only has my exploration of Christ been expanded, but I see He is bigger and more colourful through all the many members of His body, than I ever knew! I feel so ‘encouraged’ –  I can’t think of a better word. I’m encouraged that I am not alone, I have genuine brothers and sisters who have so much of Christ living in them, from all over the world, being expressed through their unique lives, and I can receive and touch Christ simply by reading what they have to say. This is because they write with the Life of God that is inside of them. They draw from the well daily that is Jesus Christ and that well NEVER runs dry.

To date, I have 27 followers who I love and cherish and pray for. I don’t know why they (you :-)) follow my blog, I can only imagine they maybe experiencing even just a little bit of that same encouragement and body life that I experience.  Now, I visit the blogs of those who follow my blog, and I find such rich insights and vision into the Lord’s Eternal Purpose of having Christ truly and organically expressed through His many membered body here on earth. How wonderful to receive Christ through so many members, each offering a unique aspect of the Lord’s character. No longer do we need to be limited to just one man or woman from a pulpit! (maybe that’s for another blog? – though there are a lot of blog posts out there on this subject).

I read the comments made by others on all these other blog sites and I find more brothers and sisters! What an ENORMOUS body of believers Jesus has! And found in so many obscure pockets in the world.

Brothers and sisters, blogger, followers of my blog, readers, friends – I want to thank you from a very deep place inside of me, for being vessels of the Lord’s life to me.  Your blog posts, comments, ‘likes’, your prayers, your support, your love, your vision of Christ, your struggles, your faith, your courage, your pursuit of Christ…..I am so grateful.

I never understood why as Christians we are often encouraged to blog/write. Now I know why.

If you’re a believer into Christ, and you feel isolated and alone in your journey, unable to fellowship in a face-to-face community, I pray that this post encourages you. I too, encourage you to start blogging, even if you don’t publish until if and when you feel ready.

I know Frank Viola is shortly releasing a new online program to connect believers who want to pursue the Lord in a deeper way, and who are lacking that face-to-face community with those of like mind. If you are interested, you may want to check it out here at

May the Lord Jesus continue to live in and through His body and bind us together, across distant lands and over vast oceans, with His own love.