Do you need a fresh addition to your collection of Christian music? Then look no further…

G’day brothers and sisters!

We all hear, see and express the Lord in different ways don’t we?

This is one of the millions of exciting things about our Lord – He is One but many parts! And each part offers a different expression of Him!  He is an enormous well of Living Water to drink from.

If you are wanting some chilled out, easy listening, fun, beautifully touching, soulful and heartfelt Australian music to help turn your eyes to Jesus to draw from His Living Water, then click on this link and check out this great lady’s music (and her awesome hubby Andy Sorenson – musician, singer, producer and synthesist extraordinaire!)

Kathy’s songs just grow on you the more you listen to them and soak them in. She sings songs of joy of the Lord in His creation, grandeur and light. You will come away truly refreshed.

Kathryn Mary Johnston, you are an expression of Christ to the world – fun, bold, outrageous, colourful, bright and childlike, innocent and pure, helping us to behold the Lord through your words and the spirit of song – we thank you 🙂

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