There is Peace in the Eye of the Storm

Storm Brewing

Storm Brewing


Dear Brother or Sister,

If you feel like you’re in a storm right now, here is a link to what seems to me to be a very anointed song by a dear sister in Christ and a dear friend of mine.

The song will cost $1.79 AUS to purchase but I don’t post this to get sales for her (Kathy’s album has been out for over a year).

Rather I post this in the hope that you will find great peace, comfort and strength as the Lord ministers to you through this vessel of our dear sister, through His gift of music and words, by His most Holy Spirit who lives and dwells in you and me.

Never Will I Leave You – by Kathryn Mary Johnston 

Lyrics to Never Will I Leave You  

The Lord is my shepherd
I have everything I need
He leads me to the water
and into pastures green

Never will I leave you
Never will I forsake you

You’ll hear a voice behind you
Saying this is the way, walk here
You’ll have no need to worry
You will have no need to fear

There is peace in the eye
in the eye of the storm

A Beautiful Christmas Gift – Music by Kim Cannan

If you’re a lover of beautiful celtic, easy listening, world, or folk instrumental music, then click here on these links to sample downloadable tracks by my dear friend Kim Cannan, outstanding woman of God and outstanding Australian musician.

Kim shares her gift of composing and playing harp, guitar, mandolin and base, with beautiful celtic and world music sounds to stir the spirit and the soul.

Kim is a dear sister in the Lord and plays professionally all over New South Wales, Australia and her music is played internationally and as in-flight music.

Track #5 on Intrinsic is my all-time fave! – moves my heart toward the Lord every time Kimmy! 🙂