The Basics of Life

This is such a Life-rich account of what it is to know Jesus Christ in the fellowship of His people who are captivated by Him. And despite all our differences amongst the full body of Christ, I am utterly convinced that this is the true deepest desire in every one of us. I pray you are blessed, encouraged and built up as you read this post from a dear brother Tobie, on a weekend shared with other saints in the Free State of South Africa. .


screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-3-50-04-pmRevien and I have just returned from an unforgettable weekend spent on a Free State game farm with a group of over 30 believers.

There were no special speakers.

There was no set program or agenda.

There were no presentations, projectors or video clips.

The were no musical instruments, except for a guitar.

I knew almost everyone in the group, and so I was aware of some imposing academic qualifications and remarkable professional accomplishments. I also knew how incredibly gifted and skilled some of these people were. And I knew that quite a few were involved in areas of selfless, sacrificial service that would qualify them to be sainted by the Pope.

But hardly anyone else knew, none of it mattered and nothing was ever mentioned. We were mere brothers and sisters, and what we had in common far outshone everything else we had done in our lives, both good…

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What Is My Definition Of ‘Organic’ Church and How Is It Different To ‘Institutional ‘ Church? 


Someone recently asked this question on Facebook. I thought it was a good question because there’s so many different types of gatherings that are calling themselves ‘organic’ which clearly are not. And so this was my reply with some added thoughts based on my experience and understanding.

To me, true and authentic organic church is simply, Christ. In ‘organic’ church, Christ is the Head and the life of the church. That’s what organic church is – His life.

It is the expression of Christ moving and expressing Himself, revealing the Father, the Father revealing the Son, the Holy Spirit administering the gifts amongst the priesthood of all believers as they are each functioning and being built together by the Lord Himself. It is a community of believers learning to live by Christ’s indwelling life. A community whose love for one another astounds the world and reveals Jesus Christ as God’s Son.

Any kind of structure that exists is there to support the body, not the body supporting the structure.

It is birthed by the Spirit and has God’s DNA in it because it is Christ in His body.

To me, it is The Way, as the believers in the New Testament called it. As believers lay down their soul lives for Him and one another Christ is being expressed in and through His body as He pleases – the most beautiful bride ever to exist!

It is simply, Christ as one with His own body.


Help For A Corporate Focus On Christ

arrows-1426326_1920Recently my husband Derek and I had the privilege of visiting a group of saints in Perth, Western Australia. We live on the East Coast and it was the second time in four years that we have visited these wonderful folk and all things going according to God’s plan we believe, we will be moving there at the end of this year 🙂

What I want to share today is something that I/we/the small body of believers here on the Central Coast, NSW, have learned as a result of our time with the saints in Perth.

See, the Perth saints have been ‘planted’. (See this blog post by Milt Rodriguez on the subject of being ‘planted’).  During their time being planted, they were taught many ways in which to ‘learn’ Christ. And one of these was using a ‘theme’ for some of their gatherings.

So during our stay, the group had collectively decided on a theme for their following meeting. That meeting I’m talking about is a weekly meeting, other than their mid-week dinners, breakfasts, and social gatherings.  Let me tell you what that particular meeting is not;

It is not a social meeting, is not about eating together, is not a program, is not listening to each other’s problems, is not a prayer meeting, it is not a bible study. It is not listening to one person teach or preach. It is not passive.

Here’s what that meeting is;

It is a weekly meeting set aside to specifically focus on the Lord Jesus Christ with every member functioning under the Headship of Jesus Christ.

Have you ever tried to do that with a group of Christians? I mean, really and truly, for everyone in the group to participate and function as expressions of Christ, focussing only on Him, as led by Him, and to Him? Really? If you have experienced that then you know how glorious it is.

The theme that was agreed upon was “Christ our only pursuit”. Ahhhh……..sounds so sweet doesn’t it? And sweet it was. Songs were sung as different members called out a song and intermittently folk declared the truth of the words being sung, to one another.

Without prompting by any person, one brother shared a scripture he had focussed on during his week in relation to Christ being his only pursuit. Another sister read a letter as if it was written by Christ to the church. Another sister had written in her own words one of the Psalms. Another brother shared something he’d written as to ‘why’ Christ was his only pursuit. Another sister gave a practical demonstration using props to share about the soul and the spirit in relation to when we pursue Christ. One couple taught the group a new song based around the theme. Each member freely and openly, shared Christ with one another.

As you just read my description of that meeting, you may have picked up on something vital.  In case you missed it, let me tell you. Each member had prepared during the week. They had each focussed on the theme in their own personal meditations. Some, I believe, had even met with others, to focus on the theme together. Therefore, each member came with something of Christ to share.

Having a theme that was focussed on Christ, really enabled the church to focus on Christ! Go figure. And when Christ is our focus, He is able to lead us. When He is the One we are listening to, looking for, beholding, speaking of, sharing, living out from, He is the One who is present!

For when two or three come together in my name, there am I with them. Matt 18:20

Jesus stood among the seven golden lampstands in Revelations 1: 12-20.

…And when I turned I saw seven golden lampstands, and among the lampstands was someone “like a son of man”, dressed in a robe reaching down to his feet and with a golden sash around his chest….Then he placed his right hand on me and said …I am the First and the Last, I am the Living One….and the seven lampstands are the seven churches.

Jesus Christ, the Living One, walked amongst His church  at that gathering in Perth and was seen, touched, smelt, heard and tasted with all our spiritual senses. It was like feasting on Christ, who is our Bread of Heaven!

Is having a theme something that you could do with those you fellowship with? Even if you are only meeting regularly with one or two others? If so, here’s the main points that I understand and experience to be imperative to making it all about Christ and not about everything else other than Him, which for so many of us, our church gatherings have been for so long.

  1. The group collectively agrees on a theme that is Christ centered. i.e. will draw your focus/attention/meditations toward Christ Himself, The Living One. (Examples; Christ as Head, Eating & Drinking of Christ, The Oneness of Christ with His Church etc.).
  2. Set the theme for a week later so everyone has a week to focus on the theme in your own meditations.
  3. Get creative – the Lord loves to express Himself through each member’s different personalities – He is not a one-dimensional Lord. Use art, writing, drama, song, create something.
  4. Meet with others during the week to focus on Christ together in preparation for the meeting, or do this with your spouse.
  5. Be prayerful and mindful of the theme throughout each day leading up to the meeting.
  6. Come to the meeting prepared to share.
  7. Come to the meeting with an open heart to hear and see the Lord in your brothers and sisters.
  8. Encourage one another with ‘yes’ and ‘amen’, spurring each other on.

So, God’s little ekklesia here on the Central Coast, agreed to set a theme for our meeting last weekend to help us learn Christ together, and it was wonderful. I may share some of that with you all in the future. Until then, happy corporate and individual pursuit! 🙂

9 Ways Every Pizza Eating Believer Can See The Lord


“Can you see the Lord in it, sister?” This is my favourite question of late.

There is one particular wonderful sister that we do life with in our little community of believers here, and she is forever asking this question. Whatever matters are coming up in our lives, she asks me “Can you see the Lord in it, sister?” When she talks about matters in her own life she says “And I was really wondering how I could see the Lord in it…”

Looking for the Lord in everything, was a really strange and new concept to me a few years back, and for this sister also. In fact, when I was introduced to the ‘concept’ (of-course now it’s life to me, no longer a concept) I thought it was a little OTT (Over the top :-)). I thought it was something we were trying to do in our own strength and was a bit silly. (Go, you good religious thing Donna!)

Even though initially I was sceptical and it seemed to be only an intellectual exercise, when I heard other saints doing this, I truly sensed some life in it and joining in, was fun. Ironically, the more I ‘had a go’, the more I could actually see! Of-course it was the Lord Himself that was the life in the exercises because I began to see Him everywhere! If we’re looking for Him, surely He is found!

Let me give you an example of what some of the discussions were like. Here’s one about pizza for example – that is, looking for the Lord in pizza. What? Yep, in pizza! I know, right? Ok, it went something like this (and I’m going to ad some extra toppings to it!);

  1. Well, the base is like Christ as our foundation. There has to be a foundation of Christ and nothing else. And God talks about not mixing the dough with yeast, so there’s no mixture in the foundation, it’s Christ alone.
  2. The sauce represents the blood of Christ that was shed for the whole world. It covers the entire pizza and without it, nothing else would stick to the base. So the sauce is like the blood of Jesus that saves us.
  3. The cheese is really sticky and glues everything together. It’s like the Holy Spirit. He lives in each believer and joins us altogether as one with God.
  4. The toppings are all so different and spread out all over the place. They’re all different colours and different flavours. That’s like the body of Christ. We’re made up of different nationalities, personalities, backgrounds and each with something different to contribute. There is diversity in the body of Christ but together we are one. Together we are the beautiful bride of Christ. If there was only one topping it would be boring and taste the same every bite. By being diverse, we see the priesthood of all believers! (C’mon!)
  5. The pizza is round so it is like the wedding ring that is in a circle, it goes on for eternity, there’s no beginning and no end to Christ! His riches are unsearchable, without end.
  6. Before a pizza is of any use it has to be cooked – this is like the body of Christ, and also like Christ Himself. He had to suffer by going into death before being resurrected. And we were crucified with Him and now we stand with Him in His resurrected life, changed and transformed. We are a new creation in Christ, the old has gone. Only then are we acceptable before God. Also, we are refined in the furnace of suffering so that the life of Christ (the taste) comes forth!
  7. Through the process of being cooked, we are like the toppings that are no longer sitting as separate individuals but are now joined together, melted in the cheese which is like the Holy Spirit, and have become blended together. We are more like a community now than isolated individuals. We have become part of the body of Christ.
  8. When the pizza is cut into slices, they’re all 3 sided – this represents the Godhead – 3 in 1!
  9. All slices are pointing to the centre! This is how the church is, Christ is Central, our eyes are fixed upon Him as our centre at all times.

Go on, have a go, ad your own flavour. It might seem silly at first, but what have we got to lose and what have we to gain? If we look for Christ everywhere, even in what might seem the strangest place, we will still find Him even there (Ps 139). He is not a ‘figurative’ God, He is everywhere to be found and to look for Him is a life-begetting-life experience. The more we look for Him, the more we’ll see Him.

Christ is the image of the invisible God.

Jesus said that if we seek Him, we will find Him.

Jesus said to come unto Him as little children.

Would love to hear of your experiences….


So it’s ‘organic’ church but God still needs a facilitator, right?


Organic meaning: relating to or derived from living matter; living, live, animate, biological, natural

So some of us who have stepped outside of the traditional and institutional system of church life as we have known it, call our meeting together ‘organic’ church. Now, I know there are many brothers and sisters in the body of Christ who meet this way and although once described their meetings as ‘organic’ are turning away from the expression ‘organic’ church.  This is because as they rightly say, it has become a term used to label a whole lot of different ways of meeting together that are actually not truly organic at all!

Now ‘true organic’ church is not a denomination or a model, it’s not even a name or a noun. The word ‘organic’ is an adjective, it is a description of the ekklesia  NOT a brand. Therefore, by calling our meetings ‘organic’ church we are describing the way in which the Lord Himself functions among us, the members of His body.

Organic by its very ‘nature’ (it is NATURAL or in this context Supernatural) is not interfered with by man, just as organic food is not interfered with by chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides! That means there’s no need for man or woman to facilitate in a truly organic expression of Jesus Christ. Jesus can do it ALL Himself because the ekklesia IS Himself just in many parts being brought together.

In 2012 seven of us here on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia embarked on meeting together as an ‘organic’ expression of Christ. We had spent some time with Milt & Mary Rodriguez who are workers in planting groups like ours and most of us had read Pagan Christianity, Reimagining Church and Finding Organic Church.  Still, none of us were sure how to do this without having a leader or facilitator although knew that the absence of such a position was key to it truly being an ‘organic’ expression of the Lord.

Well, here we are, coming up to our third birthday and we’re all still here. No-one has the position or responsibility of leader/facilitator/preacher/prayer/worship leader/pastor/elder/teacher. It’s a miracle. And it’s taken a lot of ‘dying to self’ and it still does and it always will.

We are not in any way perfected in this ‘organic’ church life together, and we are always susceptible to returning to old ways of organised Christianity because that’s our background and our human nature. However, having walked this journey together now for this long, I’m pretty secure in the fact that if one of us were to wander into doctrines and leadership tendencies etc, the rest of us would gently steer that brother or sister back to focussing on Christ and letting go of all the ‘self’ stuff. In fact, we’ve seen this happen and it has been graciously received. Another miracle.

Now, all this isn’t to say that when we gather together there isn’t preaching, ministering, prayer, singing, scripture reading, teaching, prophecy, or even leadership. On the contrary, there are all of these.  I used to think of ‘organic’ church in terms of there being no leadership which I had trouble believing (knowing myself and the nature of humanity). However, now what I see occurring is that EVERY member leads at different times, but UNDER THE HEADSHIP OF JESUS CHRIST AS THE HOLY SPIRIT FACILITATES. (I know capitals means shouting but I’m not really shouting, I’m just trying to make my point very clear 🙂 )

So we say it’s ‘organic’ church but God still needs a facilitator? He already has one – His Holy Spirit.

You see, God doesn’t need any one of us to be facilitator. He can do it Himself. He really can! How do I know this for certain? I’m experiencing it. I’ve been experiencing it for three years. It’s no longer a hope, it’s now my testimony! Woo hoo! (Click on this link for another brother’s testimony (

Do you believe Jesus can do it Himself?

Sometimes we, just like our little group when we started in 2012, cannot fathom that Jesus can actually run a meeting.  We seem able to fathom that all creation was made by and through Him and that He fills the universe but can He really run a church meeting? (sounds pretty silly doesn’t it?) We get all caught up in questions like;

  • How will we know when to stop eating and start getting spiritual?
  • Who will set the agenda?
  • Who will tell us when it’s time to sing, if we are going to sing, and what we will sing? Who will start the singing?
  • Who will read the bible and when should it be read? Should it be read at all?
  • How will we know when to pray or stop praying?
  • How will we know what to talk about?
  • Don’t we have to learn something?
  • Don’t we have to have some teaching?
  • Who’s going to address any issues?”

…etcetera, etcetera, etcetera! (in the words of the late Yul Brynner!)

Folks, I’ve gotta tell ya, Jesus can do it all. Yes He can.

“But how?” you ask. Good question.  The answer is Jesus can lead a church meeting/gathering by us laying down all of our agendas. In other words, if we decrease He can increase. This means laying down our preferences, doctrines, practises, talents, traditions, dreams, spiritual ambitions etc, and bearing the cross with one another. By bearing the cross I mean preferring one another over ourselves, giving up the rights to our own lives.

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends (John 15:13). The word ‘life’ in this verse is the Greek word ‘psuchè which means soul-life).

Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves; do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others. (Philippians 2:3-4).

So do we think this is easy for us to do? No way! It goes against our very human nature and that’s why something organic can’t be mixed with man’s touch and still be organic. That defies all sensibility. Either a thing is organic or it is not. Either Christ is the Head or He is not. Any mix and it is no longer organic or no longer led by Christ.

Of-course, Jesus has now constrained Himself to His body, which is the church. So Jesus has chosen to live in and through us to express Himself so that He will be exalted and His sovereignty will be displayed as a witness to all powers and principalities. He expresses Himself, THROUGH the members of the body but it is HIS Headship, HIS life, HIS personality that is being expressed as the Holy Spirit facilitates Christ’s Headship. That means, not our charisma, talents, skills, abilities.

This is great news people! Christ is able! God has it all sorted in His Son. But it’s through the laying down of our own lives, that He has the room to function as He wants to. So let’s let Him be Head and trust Him, as we take our hands completely and utterly off His Church.

Let’s let go and let God be God, He really is pretty clever 🙂

Comments welcome 🙂


Planted, Not Potbound!

The other day a sister shared with us in our group, what she saw of the Lord whilst planting some trees with her two little boys in tow. She explained the process of digging the hole and filling it with water and then removing the potted tree from its pot. She explained how because the tree had been growing in a pot, its roots had grown long over time, but they went round and round in circles and were all tangled and bound up.

She said it reminded her of being a believer within the church system or institutional church. As was her experience, in that environment, although a believer and growing in one’s relationship with the Lord, as represented by the roots being long, the experience of a Christian life just goes round and round in circles. Although having the appearance of a healthy tree, its growth is truly stunted.

She talked about her experience when she was a baby Christian in a mega-church.  She was so excited when a women’s conference was being organised and she loved it! After some time there was a winter conference and she loved that too. Later that year there was another event of some kind that she also really loved.  She said how exciting it all was.

The next year, to her surprise, another women’s conference was happening and she was thrilled. Following that, there was a winter conference and after that, the same event as the previous year. She thought this was pretty cool, because it was all so great last year.  However, the following year, it all happened again.  She said to herself “Oh, I get it, so we just do this all the time, there’s nothing new, we just go round and round in circles” and she wasn’t as excited anymore.

This sister had seen such a great example of this, with those circled and tangled long roots from inside the pot.

A tree is often used in scripture to represent believers;

…But his delight is in the law of the LORD, And in His law he meditates day and night.He will be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water, Which yields its fruit in its season And its leaf does not wither; And in whatever he does, he prospers (Psalm 1:2, 3, NIV).

… They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for the display of his splendor. (Isaiah 61:3, NIV).

…The righteous will flourish like a palm tree, they will grow like a cedar of Lebanon; planted in the house of the Lord, they will flourish in the courts of our God (Psalm 92:12-13, NIV).

Hmmm. Planted in the house of the Lord – not potbound.  This sister then shared how she had to manually untangle those roots. I imagined her pulling at them with her fingers, to set them free so that when she planted them, they could stretch out far and wide and go deep into the rich soil, letting the tree grow tall and strong, enabling it to flourish.

She likened this to the untangling that needs to occur in our lives when we come out from the church system or institutional church, having been potbound for so long. How we need this untangling! Our roots may have grown long, having an appearance of health, but how bound and tangled they can be! The longer they are, the more tangled they are and the harder they are to untangle!

Lord, we are Your trees of righteousness, not your potted palms! Untangle our roots Lord, though it is a painful and lengthy process, that we would be planted by You, in Your rich soil, for You are that rich soil.  We want to be planted in the courts of our God, and Jesus, You are those courts. Cause our roots to go deep that we will grow like an Oak tree, to display Your splendour!

Treasuring Him Together – a brother’s blog site

Hello saints! Holy and righteous ones!!!!

Well, I am all a ga-ga about you right now, about this beautiful bride of our Lord Jesus! (of which I am part!)

Well, I have the honour of doing life with a dear brother whose name is Ben Halliday.  Ben has a blog site called ‘Treasuring him together’.  He has just posted his first ‘video’ post on the bride of Christ, although has been blogging for a good few months now. (If I could re-blog his post here I would!)

I’ve had the pleasure of walking with this brother for approximately 2 and a half years in organic church life and have had the honour of seeing the Lord’s life explode in him, as he continues to abide in Him and trust Him in all things.

After just watching his video post on the bride of Christ, I feel compelled to encourage y’all to check it out. It’s only short so I hope you have the time to check it out – just click on this link to go right there.

Matrimonial Love in The Vine

Matrimonial Love in The Vine






I Do

Wedding party head to the Wedding Feast

Wedding party head to the Wedding Feast

I love this photo of our dear brother and sister, Mr. & Mrs. Drikus and Megan Cronje. As a shadow and type, it is an image of Jesus our Bridegroom, the church as His Bride and their attendants, after the final ceremony of marriage, heading on to celebrate at the wedding feast of the Lamb. Oh, what a glorious day that will be!

A most excellent shadow and type of Christ the Bridegroom and His Church, His Bride, is seen in the traditional Jewish wedding of Jesus day when He was on earth. It is full of shadows and types that move me to tears.

For instance, just like in the West today, the chosen bride in ancient Jewish times always had a choice.  She, like us, could reject the proposal. This is seen in the case of Rebekah in Genesis 24:57-58. When she was asked regarding Isaac “Will you go with this man?” she said “I will go”.  This reminded me of today’s Western marriage ceremony where the bride is asked “Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband…”?  The bride traditionally responds with “I do”.

So at the bottom of this post I’ve changed some words to a well known Abba song, to reflect the “I do”s of the church The song of-course is called I Do, I Do.  There is great significance in the lines referring to the Bridegroom taking His cup of wine, for in Jewish weddings the bridegroom would take his cup of wine at the betrothal ceremony and say to his bride-to-be,  “This is the cup of my covenant, the cup of my blood, which is poured out for you” which literally meant “I am committed to you as your husband forever”. Jesus said these same words to His disciples at the Passover meal. As He drank from the cup, He spoke the language of a Bridegroom to His Bride. 

Click on the link for an instrumental of the song so you can sing along. I hope you get a glimpse of the joy and celebratory heart of our Lord who is eagerly waiting the time He comes to collect His betrothed (us!), complete the ceremony and celebrate together at the wedding feast of the Lamb!

Enjoy Church, for our Bridegroom is coming soon and He’s excited!!!

I Do, I Do (song)

Sunday, 24 May 2015

8:50 AM

SONG to tune of Abba’s I Do

(verse 1)


Your father chose me, I’m Your bride, now receive me

I love you

I do, I do, I do, I do, I do


(verse 2)


My Spirit sealed it, I’ll return, can’t you feel it?

I love you 

I do, I do, I do, I do, I do


(Chorus 1)

Bride & Groom together 

Oh, I’ve been dreaming from eternity past

Now we have made it, I found you at last


 (Verse 3)


With my cup, I have done it, with this wine, I’m excited

We’re betrothed

It’s true, it’s true, it’s true, it’s true, it’s true


(musical interlude for tag and one verse)


(Chorus 2)


With all – Your promises and wedding feast

We’ll be united, for all eternity!


(Verse 4)


With my cup, I have done it, with this wine, I’m excited

We’re betrothed

It’s true its true its true its true its true


(Verse 5)


So you’ll never leave me, I’m Your Bride, You’ve received me

I love you

I do, I do, I do, I do, I do


(Verse 6)


My spirit sealed it, I’ll return, just believe it

I love you,

I do, I do, I do, I do, I do

Don’t Pray for the Lost to be Saved – its not scriptural! (part 2: Jesus)

This blog post may be very confronting and challenging to the mainstream ways of the mainstream church but I believe wholeheartedly in it’s truth. Thankyou to this brother, Thomas, for your courage and devotion to God’s eternal purpose – Christ expressed freely through His body, the church!

The Blog of Milt Rodriguez

This is the second in a two part series. If you haven’t read the first half, please do so now.

There are two spiritual truths that are the foundation of why there is little emphasis in the New Testament on praying for the lost to be saved.

Jesus didn’t pray that people would respond because he knew that people were desperate for Him even if they didn’t realize it. In Matthew 9: 37-38, Jesus commanded his disciples to pray for not for salvation for the lost, but rather for more workers in the fields: “the fields are white, pray that The Lord would send more workers into the fields.”

Lets consider Jesus’s “evangelistic mission” when he sent out the 72 in Luke 10 and the 12 disciples in Matt 10. When he instructed the 72 and the 12, did he give them extremely specific instructions? Yes. Did those instructions…

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Knowing Him ( knowing me, knowing you)

No, this post is not about an Abba song (though I am a big fan).

Have you ever heard the expression ‘walk-a-while‘? This is an expression used by the Australian aboriginal people to describe how to get to know one another and I think it is a most excellent image of how we get to know our Lord!

You see, you can tell me anything and everything you want to about yourself, (even leaving out the bits you don’t want me to know) and this will help me to know about you, but it won’t make me know you. However, if I share life with you, walk-a-while with you, I observe you in all sorts of  circumstances and I get to know your character, the essence of who you are. I can rightly weigh up what I know to be true of you in various situations. If someone speaks something contrary to what I know of you, I can say with full confidence “No, that’s not Susan, I know her and that’s not her heart.” (That’s if your name is Susan, of-course 🙂 ).

In the same way, we might read the bible cover to cover, listen to sermons and conversations about Jesus, even attend bible/theological college, read book after book, study commentaries and languages to interpret scripture, and talk about Jesus as much as we possibly can.  Does this however, mean we really know the Person of Jesus Christ?

How many of us have trekked through years of traditional church life and have thought we had a real relationship with Jesus, only to later be confronted with the reality that we hardly know this Lord of ours at all? Oh, we know about Him, but do we know Him!

Jesus walked-a-while with His disciples for 3 years on earth, so they could get to know Him. Clearly, this walk-a-while experience of getting to know one another, takes a lot longer than a few weeks, months, even years. And these guys lived in each others’ pockets! They didn’t just meet once or twice a week for a couple of hours and think that’s how you get to know someone. They lived, ate, worked, slept and traveled together.

Jesus certainly wants us to know Him and the Father, too. It is in fact so important to Him that He prayed about it when He said……..

I have made you known to them, and will continue to make you known in order that the love you have for me may be in them, and that I myself may be in them. (John 17:26)

This next verse of scripture seems to really capture just how important it is to God, that we know Him….

“Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom, neither let the mighty man glory in his might, let not the rich man glory in his riches; but let him that glorieth glory in this, that he has understanding, and knoweth me” (Jeremiah 4:23,24 ARV).

If you’re really taking the time to ‘walk-a-while’ with Christ (which of-course has no end) this has most likely come about through a revelation of Christ being your All, in your personal pursuit of Him.  In addition, perhaps you have set out on a journey to detox from all the old spiritual and religious programming and are now getting to ‘really’ know Jesus, the Person.

It’s possibly come about through your corporate pursuit of Him by living body-life with other believers who share the same vision of letting Jesus Christ take His position as Head of His Church. In doing this, Christ has allowed Himself to be known among you, as you walk-a-while together.

Ah, the richest of all! A corporate pursuit of Christ! Christ being made known among us corporately as we walk-a-while together with Him! In Him! How glorious! How we long for this Lord Jesus! Teach us Your ways!