Living in the Spirit

A brother recently sent me a text quoting Peter in 2 Peter 1:4 which reads;

“…seeing that His divine power has granted to us everything pertaining to life and godliness, through the true knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and excellence. 4 For by these He has granted to us His precious and magnificent promises, so that by them you may become partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world by lust. ”

Our discussion was concerning there being no depression, anxiety or fear in divine nature! What a wonderful encouragement of truth that is for us human-types who are in Christ!

I don’t know about you (though i think you’re not much different to me), but I have noticed more obviously recently, that from the second I am consciously awake in the morning, even with eyes still closed, my mind gets going. First thing that comes in is condemnation, guilt, accusation in the form of thoughts such as “you should get up and pray….you should have gotten up earlier to spend time in prayer…you should have prayed with your husband…you should have been kinder yesterday to that person…you should have…you should…you didn’t…you’ve disappointed God…” and so on it goes.

Subsequently, following closely behind come the feelings of guilt, shame, confusion. And finally, coming in third but not by any means the least, comes the naval gazing, the focus on me – my hopelessness, my slackness, my pathetic-ness, my failings…me, me, me. Then feelings of sadness, depression, heaviness, defeat.

Generally, this all goes on for as long as I let it and the pattern repeats on any subject at all that is thrust into my mind. So I end up feeling as though I weigh an extra 10 kilos before even getting the doona off!

The cycle continues until I force myself to deny my obsession with the storm that is now gaining momentum in my mind and take action to speak the name “Jesus”.  –  Jesus   –   Jesus    –   Jesus. Even in my mind, this name begins to lift my head metaphorically speaking. My unseen gaze slowly turns away from the debris of the internal tornado and onto Christ.

And so the war has begun….the day has begun…the spirit waging war against the flesh and the flesh waging war against the spirit.

But that name! Oh, what a name! It carries with it that divine life that our brother and the apostle Peter spoke of – that divine nature that is now mine of which I partake freely!

This morning, washing up at the sink, being reminded that it is divine nature that is now given to me, I find faith enter my heart and the raging winds begin to die down and I have a much clearer view. I see again, that in reality, I am in the eye of the storm and the storm cannot touch me.

I realise once again that I am not of this world. I am a citizen of another kingdom. I have been crucified to this world and it has been crucified to me. The enemy backs off…he’s been reminded of his powerlessness on this sacred ground of who I am in Christ.

Thank You Jesus. What a name! You are Divine Life! You are my life!

There is Peace in the Eye of the Storm

Storm Brewing

Storm Brewing


Dear Brother or Sister,

If you feel like you’re in a storm right now, here is a link to what seems to me to be a very anointed song by a dear sister in Christ and a dear friend of mine.

The song will cost $1.79 AUS to purchase but I don’t post this to get sales for her (Kathy’s album has been out for over a year).

Rather I post this in the hope that you will find great peace, comfort and strength as the Lord ministers to you through this vessel of our dear sister, through His gift of music and words, by His most Holy Spirit who lives and dwells in you and me.

Never Will I Leave You – by Kathryn Mary Johnston 

Lyrics to Never Will I Leave You  

The Lord is my shepherd
I have everything I need
He leads me to the water
and into pastures green

Never will I leave you
Never will I forsake you

You’ll hear a voice behind you
Saying this is the way, walk here
You’ll have no need to worry
You will have no need to fear

There is peace in the eye
in the eye of the storm

Into The Storm - taken from google images – taken from google images

A few months back, a movie came out in the cinemas called ‘Into The Storm’, written by John Swetnam, and starring Richard Armitage.  I couldn’t wait to see it on the big screen rather than on the television set at home. I didn’t expect it to be a Hollywood Blockbuster but I was really hoping the special effects would blow me away (no pun intended folks!).  And I wasn’t disappointed!! For me, it was on par with ‘Twister’ that came out in the 90’s starring Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton.  In fact it was the film ‘Twister’ that got me all gaga about storms, great howling winds and rolling thunderous skies.

Wikepedia on Google Images

Wikepedia on Google Images

These two movies have delivered such hope and comfort to me – of-course it is the spiritual reality that Jesus is in the eye of the storm, that I’m talking about.  Yes, all the sayings about being in the eye of the storm might now have become a clichè but to use another one, clichè’s become clichè’s because they’re true!

Have you taken a look on youtube at someone flying a plane into the eye of a storm? (Click on the link at the end of this post to watch one). I’ve only ever imagined how it would sound and look but to watch some clips gives a little glimpse into the awe of the quietness that is in there.

Since seeing “Into the Storm” I have experienced a growing sense of comfort that Jesus as the Prince of Peace is in the eye of the storm and because we are in Christ, we are in His peace in the eye of the storm.  It’s kind of like being asleep in the bottom of the boat when all the storms are raging and waves are crashing all over the deck and all the other passengers are fearing for their lives (Matthew 8:24)  –  there was our Jesus……asleep. His peace, confidence and calm speaks volumes to me and makes Him even more of a hero in my eyes.

What I’ve come to see is that so much of what I, the world and the devil, try to turn my attention to, is actually simply the debris of the tornado. Thoughts, feelings, anxieties, pestering issues and earthly matters, cares and woes – these are all just debris! But I’m in the eye of the storm! Because I’m in Christ! And He is The Prince of Peace! He is ALWAYS in the eye of the storm. He is unperturbed and so I can be unperturbed too.

So now when things are spinning around in my head (the battleground), sooner or later I am coming to discern that these things are simply the debris. If I see myself as on the outside of the hurricane wall I might feel overwhelmed but I am on the other side of the wall.  I don’t need to give these things my attention because I’m safe and sound in the quiet, serene and cosy eye of the storm, in my Jesus. And if you are a brother or sister in Christ, that’s where you are too!

Isn’t this gospel, this incredible Christ, just crazy awesome?! 🙂

Click on the link and enjoy being in the eye of the storm!

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