She only exists in The Son

I am always amazed at the way God takes us even deeper into a thing, that He has already revealed to us previously.

Some time ago,  the Lord enabled me to see with spiritual eyes, what seemed to be the outline shape of Jesus Christ – and almost translucently, in a way that I cannot describe, He was filled with some radiant brightness that somehow I instinctively recognised as the Bride, the Church. (One day soon I will attempt to draw this). The two were inexplicably one. Her radiance was beyond any light of this world that I have ever seen. Instantly, my heart melted and I began to weep as I was overwhelmed by the splendour of what my eyes were seeing.  I was looking at Christ but I was seeing the bride!

Subsequently, 18 months-or-so on, I am still taken-a-back by this bride – how stunningly beautiful and majestic she is. However, it has left me pondering why I find her so breath-takingingly beautiful, almost more than what I see of Jesus Himself?! I have even carried some element of guilt about this.

Now, for some time also, the Lord has been speaking to me of Himself and His Church, through the shadow and type of the sun and moon. I have even written some blogs on this previously – the sun representing The Son, and the moon representing the Church and how the moon reflects the sun as the church reflects Christ. What a glorious display of this relationship is expressed here.

Well, almost like the floor collapsing from under my feet, this whole insight into the Bride, fell even deeper for me the other day, in the same picture of the sun and the moon, yet again with even more of the Lord’s life in it. It was as though the Lord (well…not as though….but for real), had heard my ponderings and answered them with such clarity. It went something like this;

Me: “Why am I so breath-taken by the Bride but not breath-taken by You, Lord, in the same way?”

Seamoon by Angelo Amboldi

Seamoon by Angelo Amboldi

  Him: You can look at the moon and see her in all her glory. She perfectly represents my Bride, as she is bright and glorious and sits as a lamp-post, in the darkness. However, it is only by the light of the sun, that she can even be seen. It is only the light of the sun that she reflects to the world. She has no light of her own. But, because your eyes are able to look upon her, you can see how beautiful she is and she’s incredible. 

Sun and Evening Rain by Micolo J

Sun and Evening Rain by Micolo J


You ask, why aren’t you as breath-taken by Me? Think of the moon compared with the sun. You can’t look at the sun! The sun is too bright! It is too radiant, too powerful, too overwhelming. But by it, you can see the moon and everything else.  This is like Me, I am too bright for you to set your eyes upon, but You see me reflected in the church, My bride. This is why she is so beautiful to you. In her, you can see Me. 


A whole bunch of scriptures came to mind, such as God hiding Moses in the rock so that he could only see His back as He passed by because otherwise Moses would die; Paul being blinded by the light of Christ, the crowd falling to the ground when Jesus said “I am He”.

I was then reminded of that day 18 months ago, I did not see the bride apart from in Christ. She wasn’t separate from Christ. She has no glory of her own. It is only in Christ that she is made so beautiful. It is only in Christ that she even exists. All of her illumination only exists because of the radiance that comes from the Son.

No wonder she is so breath-taking.

One day, with unveiled faces, as when the bridegroom lifts the veil from his bride, we will see Him, our Bridegroom, face to face.On that day, we will be able to look at Him, in His glory, and behold Him altogether.

For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face…(1 Corinthians 13:12).

Until that day, we see Him in each one. In each song, psalm, teaching or revelation that each member brings, in each smile, hug, laugh, tear. In each member of the body of Christ, we see a radiant reflection of our Jesus, in whom it pleased ‘the fullness’ to dwell.

But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit (2 Corinthians 3:18).






Christ And The Church Seen In The Sun And The Moon

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

  Psalm 19:1


In November of 2012, my husband and I travelled across to the West Coast of Australia, (Perth) from where we live on the East Coast.  The group of saints we were staying with took great joy in showing us a WA sunset, where the sun was setting over the water as we hadn’t seen this before……for us on the East Coast, it always rises over the water.   So this was spectacular.

Sun setting in WA, Australia

Sun setting in WA, Australia

It reminded us of Jesus, as the True Sun (Son of God) going down into the waters of baptism, by means of His death into the earth by the cross.

Sun sunken into the water in WA, Australia

Sun sunken into the water in WA, Australia

As we watched the sun disappear into the water, leaving its remaining sunlight in the beams through the clouds………………………….

Remaining sunlight, WA, Australia

Remaining sunlight, WA, Australia

….we turned around to see the moon rising behind us.

Moon rising

Moon rising

 This reminded us of the church, how she reflects the light and radiance of the Son.

She looks like the sun, but only reflects it to the earth for the world to see by the light of the sun.

When Jesus was crucified and went into death, the church was born out of His side and now she too, has been called to be a light to the world, as Christ IS the Light of the world.

Jesus lay down His life for us, so we could live in HIS resurrected life.  The moon and the bride reflect the light of the Sun in the darkness of the world. She lives out of His resurrected life!

She lives because He died for her! and now lives in her!

My husband says, the sunrise every morning is a reminder that Jesus is alive! He has risen and even gives us a daily reminder of this glorious truth! When we watch the relationship between the Sun and the moon, we see that every day the sun goes down and the moon rises, as a daily reminder of His death and the birth of the church, that we have now become

the righteousness of God!

Thank You Jesus, for You are seen in all of creation, in most marvelous ways. Your glory fills the earth, day and night and Your bride radiates with Your reflecting majesty.

Jesus never leaves us! He is with us in His body! He lives in you and me! His glory fills the earth! Even in the darkness!