Home – He is ours and We are His

Hopefully anyone reading this blog post, understands the term ‘bride of Christ’ is not referring to an Australian ABC series on nuns that was aired in the 1980’s! It is not even referring to the Catholic church, or any denomination or church building. If you’re not sure who the Bride of Christ is, I can tell you right now, that the Bride of Christ is the same as the Body of Christ  – it is the collective body of believers who are in Him – those who have received salvation and have become part of Him – in other words, The Church.  Although there are a few lyrics that don’t fit with the picture, to me, this song is an awesome dialogue in song between the Lord Jesus and His beloved Bride.

Have you ever been so at ease and in love with your partner that you have said to him or her “I’m at home when I’m with you”? This is an expression of feeling safe, comfortable, secure, completely free to be self, and having a sense of absolute belonging from eternity past.

So, this song called ‘Home’ is about a guy named Alexander (representing Christ) and a sheila named Jade (representing the church) and they sing to eachother about how they are eachothers’ home.

One can hear Jesus saying to his Beloved Bride that His home is within her, His home is her (We the church are called the temple of the Holy Spirit, He has made us His dwelling place and in the words of Frank Viola, we have become His Bethany,-His favourite place on earth,a place He can call home).

We can hear the church represented by Jade, singing back to Jesus about the fact that He is her home, that wherever Christ is, she is home. The two sing of how nothing compares to the love they have for one another.

Toward the end of the song, Alexander confesses to Jade that when they first met and she fell out a window, he was falling in love with her as he took care of her. This spoke to me of Jesus, in love with us the church, picking up His Bride-to-be when she was in a sorry state with no salvation, brushing her off, healing her, making her sins of scarlet white as snow, when she had no idea of His love for her. As it says in Romans 5:8  “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us”.

I do hope anyone who listens to this song as part of this blog post and follows the words, can receive a little bit of the Lord’s fun and life in His love toward His cherished one….us.

Enjoy…..(but be warned….it’s hard to get this tune out of your head!! – but that might be a good thing!)

The Temple of King Solomon – Part 1

Solomon’s Temple Built for God

(Picture found at http://biblestudyoutlines.org/bible-study-lessons/old-testament-bible-study/1-kings-6-bible-study/)

Have you ever read the account of Solomon’s building the temple for God? I’ve been recently struck by the extravagance of Solomon’s ‘giving’ to the Lord. No, God never asked for it to be built, it was King David’s desire, that was given to his son King Solomon to fulfill but God sure accepted it.

What struck me, is that King Solomon at the time of building the temple, knew in his inner-man, the worthiness of God. He knew that God was worthy of extravagant giving and sacrifice and he went all-out to express that knowing of the Lord’s glorious worth.

There is so much to learn in this story about the gold and precious materials he used in this building. One might say in today’s terms that King Solomon was a ‘perfectionist’. Nothing less than extravagance would do – and he could afford it! King Solomon had soooo much blessing from God that he could hardly give enough! His blessing from God far outweighed what he could give back to God but he was adamant about doing all that he could to create the biggest, best, most glorious, most appropriate, most true representation of the Lord’s glorious ‘deservance’ (I made that word up ’cause I’m free in Christ to do so – lol!!) 

There was purpose and meaning in every single aspect – the entire process from beginning to end. That is every type of material used, every item and where it was positioned, every section, every boundary etc.

You know, at the completion of the building it still wasn’t enough! King Solomon STILL had plenty of blessings to spare because the Lord had blessed him so. The scripture says that King Solomon made so many sacrifices that there were too many to count. Talk about over the top – talk about extravagant giving!

This all reminded me of the Lord and us of-course. God has given us so much in His Son Jesus, that we could NEVER spend enough on Him, we could NEVER return to Him what He has given us. We could NEVER sacrifice enough to meet His ‘deservance’! (worthiness)

Those who have seen the Lord and His glory, who He Himself is, have seen that He is worthy. We have seen that He may not ask us to build Him a temple, like He didn’t ask David, but we see that simply by being Who He Is, He demands our all! We want to give Him EVERYTHING we have to give! And we realise that anything we have to give has come from Him in the first place! There is this exchange of gift-giving, love, sacrifice. He sacrificed His Son Jesus to give us EVERY blessing in heaven! We have been made most rich! And now we seek to give back to Him by sacrifices and gifts of pure love and adoration, as He Himself leads us by His Spirit.

Once again, it is all HIS work – nothing of ourselves. What an extravagant God we serve and love! We have seen He is worthy! So worthy! 

Of-course, King Solomon at the time of building the temple, was a type of Christ – but that is for part 2………….